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Tale of the worlds’ creation- opowiadaniowy wypełniacz numer dwa

Tym razem w języku Szekspira, chociaż bez polotu i szans na to, że kiedyś przejdę do historii. Tekst narodził się pod wpływem chwili, miał być wstępem do dłuższego opowiadania, ale chwila skończyła się kiedy stawiałem ostatnią kropkę w tej pogiętej i być może nielogicznej kosmogonii.


First, there was the God of Time, whose name can only be heard, but never spoken. From him everything has begun, since nothing can happen without Time. Yet even the Time is only an abstract concept, if there’s not a thing, that could somehow mark the passage of eons. Long had Time deliberated on this, but no time has passed, while he was doing so. But once he had come to a point, when his sanity began to fade away. The Time has begun to create things in his mind. Things that suffer, when he goes away. Things, that change, when he goes in his thoughts from one point to another.

The first things created in Time’s mind were Light and Darkness, two sisters, always arguing and fighting, about whom Time loves most. And Time loved both equally. He imagined Light as a cheerful and optimistic young miss and loved her for it, for she was taking away his sadness. He saw Darkness as a tempting and thoughtful lady, always having a good advice for him and always willing to fight his boredom, when he longed for a mature companion.
And thus, two sisters came to exist, satisfied with the duties the Time had given them.

The three of them existed in an unstable peace, but once they had come to realize, there was nothing to exist in and there was nothing to fuel the existence. The Sisters prayed to Time, being their creator, to grant each of them a wish. The Light desired for the Energy, that could allow her to play without end. And during the game of jests with the Time she manipulated him into giving her another wish. And so the Light has become the giver of Energy. The Darkness overheard her sister in her flattering ways and she thought deeply.

When Time came upon her, to ask for advice, how he should work on Energy, she smiled. She used her wish to make him design the Matter for her, where she could rest. And Time did it instantly, for he wanted a place to rest as well. But he still could not design the Energy for Light and he turned to Darkness again for advice. And she told him to bind the Matter and the Energy.

And thus Matter takes Energy from the Light during her rule, but when the Darkness arrives, she prevents it from dissipating from the overflow of forces.

The Matter and the Energy were in good relations, so good, that nothing could one do without the other participating. These were jolly kids, always ready to jest and please the Time with new concepts, for those two had the Time granted with the power of creating. Darkness envied this power, and when the Time was away with the Light, she talked to Matter and Energy and she made them argue.
And from this argument, a fight resulted. And it’s outcome were the four Elements, offspring born of conflict.

And thus Earth loved Matter most, for it resembled it the most in personality. The Fire, though, aligned with the Energy, for both were restless and furious when they had no one to watch over them. The problem was with the other two. The Water thought she was like the Matter, but only the Energy could ease her about the constant flow the Water was feeling all the time. And when the Energy was away, the Water would turn entirely towards the Matter and become still and cold. Such problems did not bother the Air, for he was always around the Matter, not because he loved him, but because he loved the way Matter tried to resist Air’s constant movement, unable to catch it, yet unable to oppose him too. He was always in wicked alliance with the Fire, the true Energy’s son. Even though Fire longed for Air’s presence, the latter used to be overacting, harming the Fire unwillingly.
And thus, the fight between the Matter and the Energy spawned the four pillars of the world.

Earth, being the most stable and reasonable of all, has become the place where all his siblings could play. Or fight. Only rarely does he awaken from his slumber, but when his brethren had destroyed too much, Earth’s wrath is the most terrifying.

Air, as the most restless of all, has become the messenger and the courier between his siblings. He was everywhere around the Earth, resting only where Fire has appeared.

The Water decided, she will protect her brother from Energy’s children. And so the Earth and Water aligned, thus creating Oceans, the reign of Water, as well as rivers and lakes, where the two ruled together. Sometimes though Water would be caught in the fight with Fire, while protecting her brother. She would dissipate and fly into the reign of the Air, where she would weep so long, that Air lets her go. In later years, people would call it ‚rain’.

And Fire, he could not find his rightful place, for he was a bane of existence other siblings wanted to maintain. So the Earth, asthe  least vulnerable to Fire’s anger would entomb Energy’s son within himself, with Fire being Earth core and servant. But most of Fire’s raw power has escaped. Air has taken care of this, using all his power to force Flames out of siblings’ realm. And thus, the Sun and other Stars had appeared on the sky, the place beyond Air’s reach.
But even encased in the Earth, Fire does not rest and so he breaks free from time to time, destroying his imprisoner and all that has found safe place on his body. These phenomena are called volcanoes, setting the Fire loose.

The Time has come back and he saw, what has passed while he was away. And seeing Matter’s and Energy’s offspring ruling the existence, he ordered the Light and Darkness to watch over them. Thus, Night and Day had come to exist. And that was the first moment, that Time had come to his senses. For all these had happened at the same time, as well as over countless eons. Nobody can tell, for Time was away during most of the process
Off the Elements, many beings were born, both of Matter and Energy. The general division, is that of Plants, Animals and Sentients, being one of the names of Humans, but it’s far from accurate. Most Humans do not know they were wrong creating this division. But this story is about those, who know.



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